OpenLM License Parser version 1.34

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Is it safe to upload my files?

OpenLM makes its best effort to ensure the security of your data;
- The parser site is secured by a 2048 bit SSL certificate, issued by COMODO.
- Your files are automatically deleted after parsing.
- OpenLM does not use any private information from the uploaded files.

See full privacy statement

Supported formats:

  • FLEXera publisher license files
  • FLEXlm license file
  • FLEXlm lmutil lmstat output
  • OpenLM License file
  • FLEXera publisher (FLEXlm) debug log file
  • Dassault Systems License file & log (DSLS)
  • RLM (Reprise License Manager) license & log file
  • Sentinel RMS (from SafeNet) license & log file
  • Esprit log
  • SeisWare CSV log
  • Sentinel SuperPro log file
  • LM-X license file & log
  • LM-X End-user Utility XML stat output (-licstatxml)
  • OpenText (formerly Spicer) log file
  • SlickEdit verbose XML stats (selicutil stat -v)
  • Green Hills log
  • LS-DYNA license & log